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Design/Build Custom on Your Land

There are two approaches to planning your new home.
Choose an existing Steve Klein Design or ... Design/Build to your personal taste, needs and budget.

1) Steve Klein Designs - The most cost effective way to plan your new home is to select an existing Pre-Designed, Pre-Engineered Steve Klein Design from our extensive library of plans. These homes have been thoughtfully designed to give today's buyers more space, more livability and more flexibility of use while utilizing less wasted materials, and much less intensive customized labor. You are also avoiding the expenses of paying for an Architect or AIBD Designer for developing the plans and engineers to ensure the foundation and structure are designed correctly and meet our stringent building and energy codes.

With simple selections of materials, finishes and colors in-house in our Model Home Design Center you are assured of having an individually appointed, extremely well built and energy efficient, low maintenance home for years to come.

2) Design/Build
The Design Build Process is not as easy as people often think. It is more than just buying a plan from a magazine or a plan service or worse yet having someone local draw it for you. The residential construction industry has become far more complicated than when your parents were building a home. Building codes are now nationally written and locally enforced. Foundations and structures must have engineers calculate loads, spans and outside pressures from expansive soil conditions, weight and wind. Energy codes must also be complied with on each residence designed.

The Steve Klein Design/Build Team Approach
At Steve Klein we approach the Design Build Process in an analytical manner while also keeping your total budget in perspective at all times. Far too many people continue to pay for a piece of land, their plans and then only find out they cannot build what the wish for what they wish to spend. the result is wasted thousands of dollars on plans and putting the land back up for sale in the majority of cases.

We will help you select a proper site by providing you with a site specific evaluation to determine if any conditions exist that will cost you hidden dollars during construction. We will help you select an appropriate designer relative to your budget and watch over the design process to ensure nothing gets drawn that exceeds your budget. Designers and Architects will draw what you tell them to ... but unfortunately they do not pay for concrete, lumber, electricians, plumbers and other trades every week. They just do not know the associated cost factors in what is being drawn under your instruction.

Once we have provided you with a Preliminary Concept that includes the proper Room Count, Room Sizes, Flow and Function of the floor plan and an Exterior Rendition we suggest the process stops long enough to allow our in-house estimators to do a Preliminary Budget. In essence we will build your intended home on our computer first to determine what the final costs will actually be in advance of spending a lot of money for completed plans. Yes... commonsense here, but 22+ years of perfecting the ability and programs to do such accurately. Our clients love it!

When the Preliminary Concept and Preliminary Budget are in concert with your intended budget we simply continue the process in phases to include the many details necessary by all National, State and Local, electrical, building and energy codes. We oversee the design of all other sides of the home, the roof structure, exterior and ceiling details, cabinetry details, and mechanical, electrical and HVAC design to name a few.

We never go faster than you can absorb and enjoy. We always offer many choices, discuss the pros and cons and resultant +/- impact to your total budget with you. It is important you have choices, know the costs of each and are able to make decisions based on your priority of needs both short term and long term.

When the Final Construction Plans, the Final Specifications, Soil Testing, Foundation and Structural Engineering are completed and reviewed for accuracy our Team will Hard Bid and Quantity Material Take-Off all work materials and services, account for all expenses such as purchasing, insurances, payroll, accounts payable, supervision and determine with a high degree of accuracy exactly what your one-of-a-kind will cost to build exactly as it has been designed and selected by you as an individual.

The Klein Team will always assist as a personal consultant for our clients from the Initial Planning Meeting throughout Site Selection / Evaluation, Design, Budgeting, Selections, Engineering, Finance, Construction, and after closing Customer Care

Whether you choose a Pre-Designed or Design / Build approach, all of our clients get personalized service and individual attention always and are enthusiastic about their homes throughout the process.

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Why Choose Us?

Steve's philosophy has been to provide a total building experience that all other companies are compared to in Texas. Treat each client like it was the only home we were building. Individual attention to detail and extensive personalization are trademarks of the Klein Companies.

The reason our designs are better, construction quality is higher, and our customer service is more comprehensive, is our people. We believe in long term relationships. We carefully selected the best companies, suppliers, trades craftsmen and employees when we built our team. By using the same people on house after house, we ensure that the quality of materials and execution is consistently at our high standards on house after house. We allow our team members to work directly with the client throughout the entire building process to address your concerns and personal taste right there on the spot. Higher expectations and better communication consistently yield better homes.

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