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How to Create Shared Bedrooms Your Kids will Really Love

Tue, 20 Sep 2016 by Steve Klein Custom Builder

Happy kids lead to a happy home. But teaching children how to share a bedroom can be challenging when they have different personalities and tastes.

Parents looking for new homes in Victoria TX often have to consider shared spaces for their kids. Thankfully there are some easy ways to create a bedroom that keeps your kids happy and brightens up your home.

1. Going Minimal

A minimal design that consists of clean white accessories matched against white walls is a great way to create a comfortable space.

Any color that you add will be highlighted against a minimal backdrop, making it easy for kids to accentuate the room however they like.

2. The Artist’s Room

Art is a great way to customize a shared bedroom. Each child chooses his or her favorite photos and artwork to include in their space so that it feels like their very own. Seek out unusual art and fabrics to play with and get even more creative.

3. Creating a Modern Design With Metal

Many parents overlook the design benefits that metal-framed beds offer. These beds come in a variety of colors that make them stand out against other design elements in a room. It creates a more modern look that’s still fun for your kids.

4. The Natural Look

You can choose to go in a more traditional and rustic direction with unpainted wood beds and furniture. The natural look and feel of wood make a room feel cozier and reminiscent of a peaceful cabin in the woods.

5. A Personalized Bedroom

Use monogrammed pillows and bed sheets to add to the look of a shared bedroom. Items can also be embroidered with images that reflect the personalities and interests of your kids.

6. Playing With Pastels

Pastels are a great way to add color to a shared bedroom without overdoing it. Pastels have a muted appearance that makes it easy to combine many different colors and create a more consistent look in a shared bedroom.

7. A Room for the Entire Family

Family photographs can be used creatively to design your kids’ shared bedroom. Enlarge family photos and experiment with different print styles. Vintage photos are great to include in your children’s bedroom and easily match any design.

8. Divide Their Shared Space

Use accessories like open shelving to divide the space and enhance the functionality of a shared bedroom. Done right, this approach can turn one bedroom into two or three.

9. Know Your Colors

Colors evoke feelings and emotions. Light blues and greens give your kids’ bedroom a cool and light feel that’s great for summer.

Darker reds go well with wood furniture and create a warmer look that appeals to everyone. Choose the right colors to make a shared bedroom look great and feel good, too.

10. Wood Paneling on Walls

Look beyond the furniture and accessories in a shared bedroom. Wood paneling is a fantastic way to change the look of an entire room while adding texture and depth to its overall design.

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