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Steve's philosophy has been to provide a total building experience that all other companies are compared to in Texas. Treat each client like it was the only home we were building. Individual attention to detail and personalization are trademarks of the Klein Companies.

The reason our designs are better, construction quality is higher, and our customer service is more comprehensive, is our people. We believe in long term relationships. We carefully selected the best companies, suppliers, trades craftsmen and employees when we built our team. By using the same people on house after house, we ensure that the quality of materials and execution is consistently at our high standards. We allow our team members to work directly with the client throughout the entire building process to address your concerns and personal taste right there on the spot. Higher expectations and better communication consistently yield better homes.

Year after year we build more custom homes throughout the Victoria Region than anyone. But we never take on more work than we can perform at our high standards. People throughout South Texas know what "Klein Built" means.

We will continue to strive to meet your expectations and earn our reputation on every home, office building, and development we build in the coming years.

What Does "America's Best" Mean To You?

The America's Best Award is the most prestigious award in the American home building industry. Out of over 100,000 plus members of the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) only a few builders receive this recognition annually. Steve Klein has been recognized twice as a custom home builder.

Award winners are selected based on strict industry professional criteria in the following areas:

  • Architecture and Interior Design
  • Quality of construction materials
  • Quality of construction systems and processes in the areas of estimating, specifications, purchasing, scheduling & supervision
  • Customer Care through the design, the construction phase and prior to closing.
  • Customer Service after closing
  • Preferred Business Practices in the areas of insurance, accounting, banking and other areas.

It's obvious that Steve and his team are serious about your budget and expectations. Whatever your individual budget and expectations are. More exciting design, better materials, more choices, higher quality and service long after the sale.

We will continue to provide the "best overall building experience" in the South region.