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Basic Steps for Decorating Your Living Room

Thu, 12 Sep 2019 by steve klein

When it comes to decorating the living rooms of Victoria TX homes, focusing on a few basic steps will make the project easier to manage.

Your living room needs to fulfill two functions: providing a relaxing gathering space for family members and presenting an attractive place to entertain guests. Plan your decorating step by step to have a living room that reflects your personality, fits your family’s needs and makes your guests feel at home.

  1. Know what kind of overall look you want. Browse through decorating magazines or search online for living rooms that appeal to you. Try to identify what it is that you like about each room. Is it the color scheme, the furniture layout, or the dramatic art on the walls? Keep a folder of your favorite images so you can refer to them as you design your own room.
  2. Purchase the major furniture pieces. Professional designers recommend choosing a quality neutral-toned sofa. That way you can keep it for years even though your decorating styles might change. Once you’ve ordered the furniture, schedule the delivery for after you finish the paint and flooring.
  3. Choose paint colors and paint the walls and trim. Again, use your inspiration images as a guide. Light colors create an open and airy look, while darker colors can set a cozy or formal mood.
  4. Install new flooring if needed. Carpet is warm and soft on bare feet, but hardwood floors are more versatile and last much longer.
  5. Arrange your furniture for good conversation and traffic flow. Don’t just stick the couch and chairs against the walls. Consider centering them around a focal point such as a fireplace, entertainment center or a beautiful view.
  6. Finally, add coordinated accents such as area rugs, end tables, lamps, plants and artwork.

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