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Eco-Friendly Holiday Recycling

Sat, 06 Jan 2018 by Steve Klein

Georgetown TX homes
As the new year begins, holiday cleanup is underway in Georgetown TX homes and in houses across the country. People are taking down their trees, discarding unwanted lights and disposing of boxes and wrapping paper. Instead of throwing those holiday remainders in the trash, give them a new life by recycling them. Here are some Earth-friendly ways to dispose of unwanted holiday items:

Live trees

Real trees have many uses after they’re done acting as the centerpiece of your holiday décor. Many municipalities will collect them for recycling into mulch, or will have a place where trees can be dropped off. Remove all ornaments, lights, tinsel and garland and follow your area’s guidelines for collection. In Georgetown TX, set them out by the curb on your normal yard trimmings pickup day. If trees are more than seven feet tall, be sure to cut them into shorter lengths for curbside pickup. In areas beyond Georgetown, call your local municipality or check its website for recycling guidelines.

If your municipality doesn’t collect trees for recycling, contact your local conservation district or environmental group. Some groups will accept natural trees to use in building wildlife and fish habitat. You may also wish to do this yourself if you have a large property with a pond or wooded area.


Instead of throwing leftover boxes in the trash, flatten them and put them in recycling bins. In some areas residents can put wrapping paper in recycling bins as well. Check with your municipality or trash collector for local information.


While it’s tempting to throw away nonfunctioning holiday lights, a better solution is to recycle them. Georgetown TX and many other cities will accept lights for recycling. Some retailers, such as Home Depot, Lowe’s and other hardware stores may also recycle lights. Ask your municipality or local home supply stores for details and program dates.

More information on Georgetown’s new light recycling program is available here. Details about the city’s tree, box and paper recycling is also available on the same website.

With these recycling tips, your next holiday season can be cleaner and greener in one of the new Georgetown TX homes by Steve Klein Custom Builder.