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Georgetown TX is Largest American City Powered with Renewable Energy

Sat, 07 Apr 2018 by Steve Klein

As of 2017, Georgetown TX homes have been powered with renewable energy. In fact, Georgetown has the distinction of being the largest American city to be powered exclusively with “green” energy.

With a population of 67,000, the city relies on wind power and will soon add solar arrays to provide more electricity for the rapidly growing population.

Green energy sources have been steadily increasing throughout Texas. The state produces nearly ¼ of all the wind energy in the US. Solar arrays are increasing as well. These ready supplies, combined with the fact that the city of Georgetown has its own power company, created the perfect situation for Georgetown to “go green.” The city contracted in 2016 to get its power from a wind farm 500 miles away in Adrian, Texas. This year it will begin receiving power from a solar farm 340 miles away in Fort Stockton. The solar farm will help ensure future power for Georgetown, which is one of the fastest-growing cities in the United States.

The adoption of renewable energy came about largely through the efforts of Mayor Dale Ross, who pushed the initiative to offer his constituents clean energy at a good price. He received early encouragement from administrators at Southwestern University, who were prodded by students to approach city council about supplying renewable energy to the university. Meanwhile, the city had already established a goal to receive 30% of its power from renewable sources.

Ross, who also works as an accountant, knew the plan would help the city and its residents save money, but he wanted to take it even further. Through his efforts, he achieved the goal of nearly 100% renewable energy and became something of a clean-energy celebrity in the process. He has become a leader in the clean energy movement, speaking on panels and serving as an advisor. Al Gore visited Georgetown to interview Ross for his 2017 film “An Inconvenient Sequel.”


Wind and solar power provide Georgetown with a better power supply at a lower cost and with less pollution than traditional sources like coal and natural gas. Other cities, including St. Louis and Orlando, plan to follow in Georgetown’s footsteps, albeit not for many decades. Amazingly, it took Georgetown less than two years to transition to clean energy.

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