Steps to Your Custom Home... Your Land/Lot or Ours

Steve Klein Custom Builder is experience in guiding you through the custom home building process.
Take advantage of our years of experience to assist you in making the right decisions.

With Steve Klein Custom Builder, you are assured that you will own one of the finest homes.

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    Phase 1
  1. Make a decision to build a home. (Higher Energy Efficiency + New Home Warranty)
  2. Interview and choose your builder.
  3. Establish a realistic budget.
  4. Builder assists in site selection or views and evaluates your site.
  5. Builder assists with planning your financing. (Get Our Volume Lower Rates)
  6. Builder/Client develops preliminary plans and specifications. (Get Our Discount)
  7. Builder prepares preliminary budget.
  8. Phase 2
  9. Builder assists with final decisions.
  10. Builder prepares final construction drawings and specifications.  (Better Detail = Better Home)
  11. Builder prepares final budget. (Save Money With Our Volume Purchasing)
  12. Sign construction agreement.
  13. Complete Financing
  14. Construction begins! (An Enjoyable, Predictable Process)
Concrete Phase
Concrete Phase

    Framing Phase
Framing Phase

    Roofing, Plumbing, AC Phase
Roofing, Plumbing,
Electrical and HVAC Phase
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