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Staging Your Home to Sell During the Holidays

Fri, 23 Dec 2016 by Steve Klein

You might wonder who would be looking for new homes in Victoria TX during the holidays. But there are many buyers who use the holiday season to find their dream homes just in time for the New Year.

If you want to sell your home during the holidays, you need to know how to stage it in order to attract the right buyers and maximize the return on your investment.

Start With a Clean Home

Before staging your home to sell during the holidays, clear out clutter and clean its interior and exterior areas.

Clean your tables, floors, and countertops. Take time to remove dust and debris using a vacuum and duster.

Holiday decor can make your home look cluttered and unappealing if you’re not careful. Staging your home requires the right decor to attract buyers without overwhelming the look of your property.

Decorate to Sell

Holiday decorations should remain neutral while avoiding religious symbols, large inflatable figures, and too many colored lights.

More importantly, the accessories you choose to help sell your home should complement your home’s existing decor.

Avoid clashing colors and stick to a basic color palette in order to keep your holiday decor simple and tasteful.

Highlight Your Home’s Best Features

Holiday decorations can get in the way of your home’s best features. Large displays and ornaments obscure doorways, windows, and light fixtures that might otherwise attract home buyers.

It’s a good idea to rearrange your furniture to highlight these and other features. The holidays are the perfect time for you to update the look of your home with a few simple changes.

Consider the shape of each room along with their entryways and windows. These features will help you determine the best locations for your furniture.

You can remove some pieces to create more space and make your home appear larger to new home buyers.

Add Holiday Comforts

The holidays bring colder weather. If you have a fireplace in your home, be sure to have it clean and lit when home buyers view your property.

Keep the heater on and offer warm beverages to enhance the holiday mood. These make your home cozy and appealing while enticing buyers to stick around and explore all of the features that your home has to offer.

Selling your home is easy when you know how to stage it during the holidays. With any luck, you’ll be in a new home next year that you can decorate any way you please.

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